We're hoppy to introduce our new farmy endeavor: Pasture-raised rabbit! Our meat rabbits are raised in our "bun oven", a pasture pen similar to the portable chicken coops we use for our broiler chickens. The pen is moved daily to supply our rabbits with fresh grass to eat and play on. Their diet of our native pasture grasses is supplemented with un-medicated rabbit pellets which is a basic mix of compressed grass, dried milled vegetables, vitamins and minerals. 

Raising our meat rabbits on pasture benefits everyone. The rabbits get to express themselves to their full bunny potential, engaging in natural behaviors: hopping, nibbling, chewing, digging, hunkering down in their rabbit cave, and socializing with their fellow leporidae. Rabbit manure is high in nitrogen and fertilizes the soil, increasing the nutritive quality of our pasture. Rabbit meat is high in protein, low in fat, tender in texture, mild in flavor, which makes it easily digestible, and generally delicious. Rabbit can be used to change up the flavor of any chicken recipe, or to create dishes unique to rabbit meat, including the classic rabbit stew. Of course, our rabbit, like our other meat, reaps the nutritional advantages of being raised on pasture. 

We'll be raising a mix of meat rabbit breeds to insure hybrid vigor in our bunny "herd". These breeds include new zealands, silver foxes, and flemish giant. All of which do well on pasture, and are a comparable size to your typical house cat!  

Methods of payment

We accept credit cards, local checks, and cash.