Dogs at the Farm

We love dogs, and we love having dogs here at Warren Farm.  Our two dogs are (for the most part) great around our animals.  We rescued Russell, our Australian Shepherd mix, in the winter of 2012 when he was seven years old.  We rescued Jeb, our chow/ shar pei/ pitbull mix, in the summer of 2013 when he was just under two.  They are both friendly and love people.  Russell loves to bark and Jeb loves to chase sticks and balls.  They are quite convinced that all visitors to the farm have come for the sole purpose of playing with them.

Since we have our livestock on the farm, we have to ask for some accommodations for those who would like to bring their dogs to the farm in order that our animals are safe and healthy. 

  • Please keep your dogs on a leash.  Allowances can be made for hunting dogs or dogs that are quite far back in the woods and under voice control of the owner. 
  • Please do not allow your dog to bark at our animals, as it creates a large amount of stress for them.
  • Please realize that our animals are surrounded by electric fences, and those fences are on.  An encounter with these fences is designed to be painful for you or your dog.
  • Please understand that if your dog harms one of our animals, you are responsible for the vet bill.  If your dog harms an animal in a way that affects its production, you are responsible for paying the market value of that animal.
  • Please clean up after your dog.
  • Please do not take your dog on the crop fields.


 Let us know if you have any questions, or would like to take a dog off leash on a longer walk in our woods.


Methods of payment

We accept credit cards, local checks, and cash.