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Posted 9/9/2014 6:47am by Eleanor Kane.

There was something about watching those storms roll through on Saturday evening that was like watching the end of summer.   Last week was so hot and muggy that it felt like it might as well have been the height of July or August.  Corn was coming in and a handful of eggplants had joined the peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, beans, and watermelons that seem to be the hallmarks of warm weather.  And then, in the space of a few dark clouds and peals of thunder, that heat of summer was behind us.
Not, of course, that September weather isn’t wonderful in it’s own right.  Farming in the early fall seems to make the rest of the year worth it: shoveling snow in the winter, slogging through mud and bugs in the spring, and endless days of heat in summer when you feel like you can’t breathe are tempered by clear, sunny days in the 70s with low humidity and that crisp, fresh feeling in the air that makes outdoor work a sheer joy. 
But even as much as I love this time of year, I’m a bit sad to see summer leave us.  It means that the end of our first season is approaching and while we still have weeks and weeks left of our CSA, and even though we have tons of food still coming in from the fields, and despite the fact that it barely seems like the work has eased, it feels as though the mark that 2014 is going to make on the growing season has been made.  It’ll be remembered as the year with the cold, wet spring and the mild summer, the year that we had plenty of rain but not too much, and the year that it was achingly hot in June and yet July and August were nothing but pleasant.
Who knows what’ll happen in the next few weeks.  Early frost?  Maybe.  We’re in for some cold nights coming up soon.  Hurricane?  Could be.  Damaging storms, snow that comes too soon, or maybe we’ll be lucky and get a long mild fall that eases into a winter that comes right on time.  It’s hard to say, but no matter what, at this point the food is grown and we’re starting to wrap up for the year. 
‘Wrapping up’, of course, means we’re busy as ever transplanting fall and winter lettuce into the greenhouse, getting the Christmas trees pruned and mowed, and bringing in winter squash and pumpkins to cure before they go on sale in a week or two.  It also means planning for next year.  Theo and I went out last night and stood in the yard, wishing for sweatshirts instead of our t-shirts and socks instead of our sandals as we decided where our boar was going to spend the winter and what our breeding schedule for 2015 would look like.  Our fields still need to be tilled in for the fall, the garlic needs to get planted for next summer, and we need to decide what last minute work we’re going to get done this fall before the snow flies. 

So even though the leaves are still mostly green and the sun is still strong enough that I need a water bottle when I’m out in the fields, summer rolled right on through in a line of thunderstorms and this cooler weather reminds us that it’s time to look forward: to fall, to winter, and onwards to 2015.


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